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The Finance Guide

The Importance of Finance and Its Alternative Means to Make Businesses Grow 

12.03.18 12:13 AM Comment(s) By AdamRandallDs78

Any business person for that matter would attest that you need to access enough finance to make your business grow or even maintain it for that matter. Fortunately, business owners are now seeing several alternatives to access finance because of the many sources nowadays. It has been found by some studies that many businesses are looking for alternative financial products and some even outside of the traditional means. 

It is a fact that banks are reluctant and are strict in lending out to some businesses, and so that leaves these businesses having challenges in supporting their growth. Luckily, there are some trending and becoming popular means of finance that you can check out in your area and see if applicable to your situation. 

First is to look at your unproductive working capital. It is said that more than often some businesses do not know that they have undiscovered cash reserves which they can use to finance growth. You can unlock your cash reserves by taking a close look at how you handle credit, your credit terms and the way you manage outstanding payments, thereby releasing the cash back to your operation as self-financing plan of growth.  Visit -

Another move is to keep your stock at an optimum level and you can do this through a better inventory management. By taking a good look at the process of your inventory management, you will be able to identify areas in your operation that is trapping your cash. By discovering this, you can release the cash and use it to support growth of the business. 

You can manage your working capital in the best way by having better control of debtors and stocks, and also to maximize the terms from your creditors. This means taking full advantage of the terms given by your suppliers instead of eagerly paying well before the due date of your payables. You might as well ask for 35 to 45 days terms or more if you can. 

Because traditional means of funding is becoming more challenging like in banks, several business owners would look at their personal resources to help fund growth of their companies. They can draw cash from savings, or use personal credit cards, or taking more mortgages on their personal properties, as their instant money solution. These are actually cheaper sources of finance for business owners. 

There is also asset financing which covers discounting of invoice, factoring, and funding of asset purchases. There are asset financiers that can help business owners preserve cash since they will finance the assets that will be purchased, like the vehicles, machinery and other equipment needed. Since these financiers are looking at these things as their security, consequently additional collateral is not required. Through invoice discounting, a business has the ability to use even up to 80% of the invoice amount instead of relying on the agreed credit terms. Learn more about this service.

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